Park City ACA

Our meetings are on Sundays from 5:30 to 6:30pm Mountain Time. We currently meet on Zoom; in-person meetings are on hold until further notice. For details, see the Meetings page.

Meeting Format

Each week we read The Problem or the Laundry List, The Solution, The ACA 12 Steps, the month’s Tradition, and The Promises. (Sometimes we read Tony A’s 12 Steps as an alternative to the ACA 12 Steps.) Then we read a selection based on which week of the month it is. 

  • On week 1 of each month we read a trait from the Laundry List Workbook.
  • Week 2 is Chairperson’s choice: the Chairperson will select a reading from the the ACA “Big Red Book” (“BRB”), or arrange for a guest speaker. 
  • On week 3 we read the current day’s reading in the ACA daily reader, Strengthening My Recovery, and its associated BRB pages. Here are the 3 readings for Q2 2022.
  • Week 4 is our monthly reading in the BRB. In June we will start at the top of page 91, Chapter 7: “The Twelve Steps of ACA.”
  • If there is a 5th week of the month, we read the Tradition in the BRB that corresponds to the calendar month.

Books and workbooks are available on the ACA website,

For the chairperson, here is the meeting script for the Sunday meeting. For the Zoom host, here is our Zoom Host Guide.

Other Resources